Cravings and Insecurities


Why do we have to complain? Why can’t we be satisfied with whatever we have? Everything happens for a GOOD reason, then why do we crib? What is it that makes us so incomplete? Are expectations the reason? If we want to have a happy ending, then we must realize that everything which has happened, has happen for a good reason. We have got to take everything positively and make life simple. Whenever we are in a dilemma, our mind plays tricks on us and this is what gets us into a worse situation. We complain and switch to the negative moods which actually have a huge impact in our lives. It is not important that whatever we plan for ourselves, must go exactly as we’ve planned it. Nothing’s permanent in life. The “good” reason may not be visible at that point of our life but trust me, later we will realize its importance. Every moment in our life is based on correct timings and reasons. We cannot defy the law of nature. We have to remind ourselves that everybody is hungry for love. So…it’s okay if someone is demanding something unreasonable, or is suffering from “insecurity”. We have got to help each other out because this is how life goes on and this is the way it should be. How can we expect someone’s attention, concern and loyalty if we are not giving to anyone ourselves? The reason that we often find ourselves stuck in one dilemma or another is because of our burning hankerings and lack of confidence. The only way out of this jigsaw puzzle is to have no grudges, to live and let live, to become unprejudiced while ignoring your suspicions because we are perfectly imperfect and should not be expecting others to become robots.

”What we yearn for has something to do with our minds but, when we make ourselves possible to not covet something, it has a lot to do with our destinations.”  – Rishita Malhotra